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Life Changing Groups!

Psychodrama groups are a powerful means to healing and self realization. Change happens when people are able to see themselves honestly (we are neither as good, nor as bad, as we often think!), unburden themselves from past painful experiences, integrate exiled parts of self, let go of past patterns of behavior and ways of thinking, and thus participate more authentically in their own life. The group setting gives a unique opportunity to bring in potent material from life and transform this with the support of others. It also gives the opportunity to witness, and partake in, the work that other people bring to the group which is often a healing empowering experience. We have both seen the dramatic impacts of group work in people’s lives that is not always possible in individual counseling or coaching.

Larry Goldstein (MA Counseling Psychology, MA Theater) brings great passion for drama and extensive experience leading psychodrama groups. Larry has been described as a “font of dramatic insight and healing.” Hunter Teets (MA, LPC) has deep insight into family patterns and the ongoing affects these have. He can see past the present experience to get at the root emotional responses that leave people feeling stuck and unsatisfied. Both are passionate about healing and liberating others so they can live joyfully and authentically.