Fabian Kuttner

Resident in  Counseling


Fabian believes human beings are expressing the height of intelligence, kindness and wisdom on this planet. Seeing how well we already navigate our lives, highlighting existing strengths, he asks clients to evaluate and rework the strategies that may no longer serve. He understands that insight and action must come from within the client to provide lasting change. His unique offering is a fruitional model of counseling, that we can move forward quickly into new ways of relating to our life. Though we need to understand where we come from, and what was missing, we can transform our current situation through wisdom and discipline. Clearly distinguishing between Traumatic and Developmental issues, Fabian’s style is rather direct and based in mindful awareness of what is presenting. 

Fabian specializes in working with couples and men. He believes intimate relationships are a potent place for us to learn and grow as individuals. He sees the biggest challenge in relationships is maintaining individuality while staying connected; finding that couples often need more work in individuation than in closeness. 

Fabian has a deep commitment to understanding and working with power dynamics in society, family and couples as well as within the individual and transforming these into useable forces in our lives. He is committed to equity and freedom for the individual, couples and greater society and our birthright to be forces for good.

 Fabian leads men’s groups and retreats as well as empowerment practices involving breath work and ice exposure.

Fabian holds a Masters in Somatic Psychotherapy from Naropa University and two years of Training from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. He is a lifelong student of Buddhist Psychology, Philosophy and Indo-Tibetan Sciences.


Fabian’s rate is $85 per hour, and a lower rate when requested.

Fabian (Lic. #0704007750) is a counselor in residence under the supervision of Hunter Teets (Lic. #0701005525) and therefore cannot accept insurance.


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