Anna Schulman

Resident in  Counseling


Anna is a Resident in Counseling at Full Life PC (within the Charlottesville Counseling Collective under the supervision of Hunter Teets MA LPC VA license #0701005525). She is passionate about helping people find healing through the therapeutic relationship. This means building safety and rapport over time that allows her patients to discover and experience wholeness, enhance participation in their lives, and find meaning in the world around them. Anna's approach to this work is grounded, relational, creative and collaborative.


In 2018, Anna completed her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology and Nature Therapy, also known as Ecotherapy. This field recognizes that our internal environment is connected to our external environment and due to various influences, these two systems have become disconnected. A growing body of research shows that when humans step into mindful relationship with the natural world, there are profound physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits. Anna views the human-nature relationship as unique, complex and profound. She delights in supporting others to re-ignite vital life forces found in Nature such as intrigue, curiosity, reciprocity, trust and self-compassion. Anna has roots in feminism, humanistic psychology, multiculturalism, contemplative arts and somatic healing. Anna works with adolescents, adults, elders, couples in an array of traditional and post-modern relationships, and people in the helping professions.


Anna holds a steadfast commitment to building healing relationships that liberate us from oppressive systems both seen and unseen. Whether you wish to build your relationship with the natural world or explore your inner wilderness, she considers it a privilege to be a guide on your path to wholeness.  


Anna offers clinical services under the supervision of Hunter Teets MA LPC VA license #0701005525.


Fees: Base rate is $85. As a Resident in Counseling under supervision, she is unable to accept insurance at this time. 


Contact Anna

434 264 1887